Let’s go To Kamikatsu- Zero Waste Seminar Organized by CJCU OGE


By Yu-jie Wang & Lin Ji Yi

Organized by the Office of Global Engagement (OGE) of Chang Jung Christian University (CJCU), this serial seminar on "Zero Waste Exchange: Reimagining Our Lecture Collective Future," invited Ms. Watando Kana, the Co-founder of INOW Program, Japan, to present her program in English.

The lecture began with an introduction to the overall status of Kamikatsu, located in Tokushima, Japan, currently with a total of about 1,500 residents. Among them,  half are over the age of 65. Waste in the area was disposed at a central station to save costs through reduction and recycling. Additionally, the “Zero Waste Center” provided newly built facilities and accommodations for visitors to experience zero waste life.

CJCU planned to recruit members for the visit of its seed team in summer, 2023 to Kamikatsu, Japan. Participants of the serial seminars were particularly welcomed. The second serial seminar was scheduled on November 23 and everyone is welcome. Please register at

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