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Six IPSD graduates of CJCU from Tanzania in East Africa received MOE and ICDF scholarships for advanced studies in Taiwan


  Eleven graduates of the second International Program for Sustainable Development (IPSD) of Chang Jung Christian University demonstrated their outstanding academic performance and were accepted to master programs in both domestic and international universities and among them, five received this year’s scholarships of the Ministry of Education (MOE) accounting for a third of the total number of students granted while one was granted by scholarships of the International Cooperation and Development Fund (ICDF), the first CJCU student awarded.

  Eleven IPSD 2022 graduates were respectively admitted to master programs of National Taiwan University (NTU), National Cheng Kung University(NCKU), CJCU, National Sun Yat-sen University(NSYU), National Taipei University, Taipei Medical University(TMU), National Dong Hwa University(NDHU), and University of Glasgow in the UK. This year, among 14 received the MOE scholarships, five were CJCU graduates. They were Buhombe Barnaba Alanus, admitted to Graduate Institute of Environmental Engineering (GIEE) of NTU; Bonzo Veronica Costa to GIEE of NCKU; 、Mtweve James Travor, to International Master Program on Natural Hazards Mitigation and Management of NCKU; Ulomi Nsia Asanterabi, to Master Program of Natural Resources and Environmental of Studies of NDHU; and Jomalema Patrick Chris to Master Program in Business and Operations Management of College of Management, CJCU. Massao Angelbetter Marselian, admitted to Master Program of School of Health Administration of TMU, received ICDF’s international student scholarships, the first CJCU graduate awarded. The said six students were from Tanzania in East Africa.   

  MOE’s Taiwan Scholarships aims to encourage outstanding students from allied nations of the ROC to come to study doctoral, master, and bachelor programs in Taiwan; the ICDF’s “International High-end Talent Cultivation International Student Scholarships Program” provides full scholarships to foreign nationals in the ROC’s diplomatic allies and allied nations to study in Taiwan through cooperation with universities in Taiwan in order to achieve duals of assistance to their national, social, and economic development and promotion of internationalization of universities in Taiwan.  

  Barnaba, a receiver of the MOE’s Taiwan Scholarships, was very excited when notified and especially proud of knowing that many other recipients are his classmates. He was thankful for the support and assistance of teachers in CJCU. Other recipient, Patrick, appreciated the provision of MOE’s Taiwan Scholarships by the ROC government that allows him to continue his study in CJCU. Taiwan is Patrick’s second home and he plans to return to his home country after graduation to contribute to sustainable development of his community and country.。

  President of CJCU, Dr. Lee Yung-Lung, pointed out that since CJCU’s cooperation with the Jane Goodall Institute in 2017, the International College of Practice and Education for the Environment (ICPEE) and IPSD were established. Currently, CJCU has 2021 and 2022 graduates from both programs. These international students were able to seize opportunities for their further schooling during their studies in CJCU with outstanding academic performance. CJCU’s students and faculty were proud of them. CJCU’s IPSD has become an important gateway for African students to study in Taiwan and this year’s achievements demonstrated fruitful result and important contribution of CJCU to international talent cultivation.














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