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CJCU’s USR Practice in Africa


The USR (University Social Responsibility) Office of Chang Jung Christian University (CJCU) on “Green Community Roots and Shoots Action Plan: from Local to International” sent its five delegates to leave for Tanzania and Burundi in Africa for a two-week visit. The delegation exchanged and interacted with local academic institutes including Tengeru Institute of Community Development, branches of Jane Goodall Institute, and members of Roots and Shoots Action Plan to share Taiwanese experiences. The workshop on the Care Project and Cloth Pads was organized at Jangwani Girls’ High School in Dar es Salaam by the delegation. Future schedules of the visit also included a water monitoring workshop and visits to the startups set up by graduates of the 1st year of the International Program for Sustainable Development (IPSD) in Burundi. This visit well demonstrated CJCU’s international impacts. 

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