Online Exhibition of Water Ink Painting of Cursorial Animals to Celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival with You Presented by Sophomores of DCPA, CJCU


To respond to surges of the COVID-19 confirmed cases in Taiwan and measures that prevent from contacts of people, digital technology was now incorporated with online arts exhibitions. Sophomores from the Department of Calligraphy and Painting Arts (DCPA), Chang Jung Christian University (CJCU) presented their works in the online exhibition entitled, “Water Ink Painting of Cursorial Animals,” to celebrate with us who stayed home during the Dragon Boat Festival. These students visited “Chimei Museum” and carefully observed animal specimens to find a view for their creations in wild, zoos, and actual living environment. From the painting of indoors static objects to outdoors dynamic ones, students directly utilized skills to demonstrate the oneness of body and mind.

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