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Congratulations to CJCU Students’ Multiple Animation Award Winning


Students of Chang Jung Christian University (CJCU) recently shined at the national animation competitions with multiple awards winning including Excellence Award in the “18th National Technology College and University of Computer Animation Competition” of 3D animation, “Red Rope on the Ankle” produced by senior students from the Department of Digital Media Design and several Merit Awards of the freshman from “CJCU Kadokawa 3+1 CG Animation Program in the “1st National Metaverse Avatar Design Contest.” To respond to talent demands in the animation industry, CJCU participated actively in recent years in animation education. CJCU Kadokawa 3+1 CG Animation Program attracting students from different departments of CJCU was set up two and half years ago in 2019 and practical experiences of students were expanded through industry-academia cooperation. Students were encouraged to participate in both domestic and international animation contests. There were 24 international animation certificates obtained by students and internship to animation companies was also provided for students.

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