CJCU subsidizes overseas students' on and off campus accommodation


Due to huge economic impacts caused by the current severe COVID-19 outbreak in Taiwan, Chang Jung Christian University (CJCU) assisted students to respond to the situation by following guidance of the Ministry of Education (MOE) to provide emergency relief fund and subsidies for off campus accommodation of local students. Additionally, CJCU faculty held a charity sale of litchi and the proceeds were used as both Ren-Ai Fund for emergency relief and off campus accommodation for international students in CJCU. They were expected to be subsidized with NT$2000 each month for both July and August for off campus accommodation and for those living on campus, they were able to receive the rent discount of NT$2,000 for 2021 School Year. Assistance and care provided by CJCU were to encourage overseas students to stay in Taiwan, reduce their risk to infection resulting from traveling abroad, and to protect themselves and others.

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