Online Lectures Given by Role Models from the Jane Goodall Institute for the 30th Anniversary of Roots & Shoots


To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Jane Goodall’s Roots and Shoots, the Eco-education Center jointly worked with the Jane Goodall Institute, Taiwan to invite role models from different countries to share their insights and wisdom for promoting Roots & Shoots activities. On May 26th and June 2nd, Peter Ong, the Eexcutive of Roots & Shoots, Malaysia and Tara Golshan, the Education Executive of the Jane Goodall Institute, Malaysia talked about their efforts to stop illegal hunting of wild animals in Malaysia. They both inspired students to discover their passions and utilize the power of social media to call for public awareness towards the environment. Tara Golshan shared her past 15-year experience in promoting Roots and Shoots projects and international cooperation and encouraged students to find their own goals through interdisciplinary learning and group cooperation and exchanges.


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